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beauty treatment course in Manchester

Where to start your beauty career?

If you are complete beginner or just starting in beauty industry, finding the most suitable training can be tricky. We have all been there... Choosing right career path can be confusing. Before you make the decision which course to enroll in, You should consider several factors. What other related skills do you have? What treatments are in the greatest demand in your area and where is the greatest competition? What are your preferences, abilities or even financial capabilities?

microblading brows course

Learn microblading and brow geometry with us!

We are pleased to announce that in March, thanks to a our collaboration with AS Permanent Looks Beauty & Academy you will be able to participate in a combined training of Microblading and eyebrow styling. Perfect geometry is essential for a successful eyebrow microblading treatment. Do not wait! This course will allow you to enter the world of eyebrow stylists with a bang. Contact us today! Number of places limited!  

eye styling course in Manchester

When you can enroll?

Booking calendar for January is not yet available at this point. Contact us and we will find you the most suitable dates.

Do you prefer to study alone? Individual trainings are also available! Just let us know before booking!

perfect fan volume lashes workshop

Perfect your fans with Skilled Academy!

Do you have problems while doing Volume Lashes? Your fans do not come out as you would like them to? Do you have no patience left? Would you like to change it? Sign up for our 'Perfect Fan' workshop and learn under the guidance of our instructor how to make a stunning application of Volume Lashes!  

black eyelash edhesive

Best eyelash adhesive tips

So you start your career as an eyelash stylist. You have completed your training. Confident and full of motivation you get to work. You have your first real customer in front of you and her satisfaction depends on the quality of your work.

But as soon as you start you realize something is not right. The glue you have chosen seems to dry out too quickly, making it very difficult or almost impossible to glue the eyelashes correctly. Or maybe it dry to slowly...

Here are about lash adhesives that will definitely make your life easier... 

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